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Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS)

Faculty of Social Sciences

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Core Courses
Academic Exercise 1
Academic Exercise 2
Approaches to Social Inquiry
Communication and Society
Contemporary Psychology
Final Year Project

Hubungan Etnik di Malaysia

Introduction to Anthropology and Sosiology
Introduction to Malaysian Social History
Introduction to Political Science
Introduction to Social Sciences
Modern Economics
Research Methods in Social Sciences
Social Theory
Sociology of Development
Generic Courses
Asas Pembudayaan Keusahawan
End-User Computing
Islamic and Asian Civilisation (TITAS)
Basic Concepts and Issues in Development
Computer Applications in Planning
Developmental Economics
Environmental Dimension of Development
Organizational Developement
Project Evaluation and Cost Benefit Analysis

Project Planning and Management

Public Sector and Corporate Management
Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System (GIS)
Social and Environmental Impact Assesment
Social and Environmental Impact Assessment
Theories and Techniques of Regional Planning
Applied Industrial Psychology
Comparative Industrial Relations
Complex Organisation
Employment and Industrial Relations Law
Employment Laws and Industrial Relations System
Industrial Relations and Human Resource Information System
Industrial Relations and Human Resources
Industrialisation, Technology and Work Environment
Labour Management Negotiations and Conflict Resolution
Occupational Health and Safety Management
Organizational Behaviour
Organizational Behaviour (Optional)
Sociology of Work
Trade Union and Industrial Relations System
ASEAN Politics
Contemporary Issues in International Relations
Foreign Policy Analysis and International Relations
International Organisations
International Politics of Asia Pacific
International Relations: Theory and Practice
Introduction to International Economics
Introduction to International Law
Introduction to International Relations
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution in international Relations
Security and National Defence
Comparative Political System
Democracy and Social Movement
Kewangan Awam (Pilihan)
Malaysian Legal System
Modern Political Thoughts
Political Ecology
Politics and Local Government
Politics of Developing Countries
Public Finance
Public Policy (Optional)
Community Work: Theory and Approaches
Comparative International Systems in Social Services
Counselling Skills
Fieldwork Practice

Human Development and Social Environment

Intervention Approach 1: Counselling Skills
Intervention Approach 2 : Community Work
Intervention Approach 3 : Social policy Analysis and Planning
Introduction to Social Welfare and Social Work
Principle of Social Work
Professional Development: Integration of Theory and Practice
Social Organisation
Social Services and The Law
Social Work and the Law
Social Work Practice 1: Women and Minorities (Option 1)
Social Work Practice 2: Deviance and Reformatory Services
Social Work Practice 3: Health and Medical Social Work (Option 3)
Social Work Theory and Method
Specialisation 1: Family and Child Welfare

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