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Course Listing: Faculty of Applied and Creative Arts (FACA)

Faculty of Applied and Creative Arts

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Core Courses
Animation Studio
Animation Studio 2
Art History
Industrial Training
Intellectual Property
Research Methodology
Advanced Arts Event Management
Animation Studio1
Applied Arts Seminar
Arts and Cultural Issues In Malaysia
Art Criticsm and Analysis
Arts Event Management
Arts Management Seminar
Arts Marketing
Arts Policy and Planning
Arts Promotion
Contemporary South East Asian Arts
Communication in Arts
Cultural and Heritage Studies
Cultural Industries
Expanded Media
Financial Management in the Arts
Funding and Sponsorships in the Art
Graphic Design: Elements and Process
Introduction to the Art and Culture Sectors in Malaysia
Issues in Malaysian Arts and Culture (Advanced)
Large Format Photography and Studio II
Management and the Arts
Management Information System in the Arts
Modern Art History
Museum and Gallery Management
Organizational Behavior
Research and Final Year Project
Sponsorship and Funding in the Arts
Strategic Thinking
Visual Arts Critique
Asian Cinema
Audio in Film
Digital Production
Electronic Field Production
Film and Video Documentary
Film Directing
Film in Audio
Film Seminar
Film Theory and Criticism
Introduction to Cinema
Malaysian Cinema
Production Design
Research and Final Year Project
Script Writing
Sound Design in Film
Television Workshop
Advanced Advertising: Concept, Development & Application
Advanced Animation Studio 1
Advanced Creative Design
Advanced Industrial Design 1
Advanced Industrial Design II
Advanced Typography
Animation Character and Layout
Animation Studio 1
Animation Studio 2
Basic Visualization Technique
Color Coordination and Design
Commercial Strategy in Design
Computer Aided Industrial Design
Computer Aided Textile and Fashion Design
Corporate Identity Design
Creative Design I
Design History
Design Management
Digital Photography for Designers
Drafting and Model Making Technique
Fashion Illustration
Figure Drawing
Game Art Design
Graphic Design Production
Industrial Design 1
Interactive Multimedia
Introduction to Advertising
Introduction to Design Process
Introduction to Digital Media
Industrial Design II
Introduction to Human Factor in Design
Introduction to Illustration
Introduction to Typography
Material and Manufacturing Process
Media Drawing and Technique
Motion Graphics Design
Packaging Design
Pattern Cutting and Fashion Draping
Post Production Animation
Research and Final Year Project
Story Boarding and Visualization
Stop Motion Animation
Textile and Fashion Design 1
Textile and Fashion Design II
Textile Techniques and Process
Web Design
Acting Style and Technique
Asian Theatre
Basic Movement
Basic Stage Directing
Beginning Acting
Design for Director
Dramatic Theory And Criticism
Introduction to Drama and Theatre
Introduction to Mise en Scene
Malaysian Modern Theatre
Seminar Drama & Theater
Stage Management
Theatre in Education
Theatre Management
Theatre Production 1
Theater Production 3
Theatre Production II
3-Dimensional Media
Basic Photography
Advanced Electronic Arts
Advanced Fine Art Studio
Alternative Photomedia
Ceramics Technology
Colour Technique
Creative Ceramics
Digital Art
Digital Imaging
Fine Art Ceramics
Fine Arts Studio
Fine Art Studio
Fine Art Photography
Fine Art Seminar
Introduction to Ceramics
Hybrid Ceramics
Individual Ceramics Research
Integrated Media 1
Integrated Media II
Intellectual Property
Introduction to Electronic Arts
Malaysian Visual Art
Media and Process
Research and Final Year Project
Printed Fine Art Media
Sculptural Ceramics
Seminars and Visiting Artists Workshop
Studio and Larger Format Photography I
Underwater Photography
Visual Analysis
Video Art and Technology
Visual Art Criticism
Visual Ethnography
Arranging Technique and Orchestration
Aural Training 1
Aural Training II
Creative Composition
Electroacoustic Music
Electroacoustic Music
Instrument/Vocal and Ensemble 1
Instrument/Vocal and Ensemble 2
Instrument/Vocal and Ensemble III
Instrument/Vocal and Ensemble 4
Instrument/Vocal and Ensemble 5
Instrument/Vocal & Ensemble VI
Introduction to Computer Music
Introduction to Music
Modern Harmony
Musical Instrument Digital Interface
Music Seminar
Music History 1
Music Theory I
Music Theory II
Music Theory III
Project & Music Performance Production
Research and Final Year Project
Sequencing Technique
Studio Recording Technique
Theory Analysis and Research
Tradisional Music Ensemble

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