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KMS6143 Group B: ICT for Managers (AP Dr Shahren)
KMS6073 (Group B): Technology for HRD (Ahmad Sofian/AP Dr Shahren)This course requires an enrolment key
KMS6073 (Group A): Technology for Human Resource Development (Dr Mohammad Nur Azhar/Mdm Florianna)
KMK6063 (Group B): Cognition & Learning (Dr Siti Mariam/Dr Ida Juliana)
KMS6013 (Group B): Human Resource Development (Mr Heng/Dr Surena)
KMF6023: Kaedah Penyelidikan
KMS6013 (Group A): Human Resource Development (En Abg Izhar/En Helmi)
KMK6063: Cognition & Learning (UNIMAS Learning Centre KL)This course requires an enrolment key
KMS6083: Strategic Management (UNIMAS Learning Centre KL)
KMS6013: Human Resource Development (UNIMAS Learning Centre KL)
KMS6164: Research Paper 2
KMS6152: Research Paper 1
KMS6143 Group A: ICT for Managers (Dr Mohammad Nur Azhar)This course requires an enrolment key
KMK6053: Cognition and Organizational Behavior
KMS6033: Design and Management of Training Programs