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EBA3033: Advanced Financial Accounting and Reporting 2 (Esmie Obrin Nichol)
EBA3073: Advanced Auditing
EBF3213: International Financial Management
EBU1023: Managing Small Business Accounts
EBF3103: Derivatives and Risk Management (Bakri)Information
EBP2064: Relational Marketing
EBA1063: Cost and Management Accounting (Michael Tinggi)
EBF2043: Managerial Accounting (Michael Tinggi)
EBA4043: Integrated Case Study (Michael Tinggi)
EBA3063: Advanced Taxation
EBM3103: Current Issues in Corporate ManagementThis course requires an enrolment key
EBQ2074 (G2&G3): Econometrics (Dayang Haszelinna binti Abang Ali )
EBQ1043 G4: Business Mathematics (Dayang Haszelinna binti Abang Ali)
SSX0022_FEB G02 & G03: Ethnic Relations (Audrey Liwan)
SSX0022_FEB G01: Ethnic Relations (Farah Dipah binti Khalid)