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EBI2033: International Business (Dr Mohammad Affendy Arip)
EBE3083: Current Issues in Economics (Dr Dayang Affizzah)
EBD3113: Industrial Relations (Dzul Hadzwan)
EBD3043: Share and Property Markets (Dzul Hadzwan)
EBV3074: Market and Financial Services (Dr Rayenda Khresna Brahmana)
EBA2013: Financial Accounting & Reporting 2 (Sharon Cheuk)This course allows guest users to enter
EBE3083: Current Issues in Economics (Dr Mohammad Affendy)
EBA3053: Taxation
EBV3083: Service Industries Policies and Regulations (Arnold Ryan Allo Catarata)
EBF3232: Final Year Project 1 (Sharon Cheuk)
EBF3234: Final Year Project 2 (Sharon Cheuk)
EBM2083: Change Management (Assoc Prof Dr Rohaya Mohd Nor)
EBE2043: Managerial Economics (Salbiah Edman)
EBQ1063: Mathematics for Economics (Salbiah Edman)
EBP3013: International Marketing (Dr Norazirah Ayob)Information