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KMC1063 Counseling Laboratory I (Individual) K3 – Dr. Azzahrah Anuar
KMC1093: Personality Development (Aina Razlin)
KMU1093: Personality Development (Samsiah Jayos)
KMC1093: Perkembangan Personaliti (Dr Rizal Abu Bakar)
KMS2034: Employment Laws
KMU1023 (Group 3): Introduction to Human Resource Development (Mr Heng Chin Siong)
KMS2063: Managing Quality and Productivity
FYP 2 Supervision (HRD - Wan Sofiah) Sem 2 1617
KMK2193/KMF1053: Cognitive Neuroscience (Dr Tan Kock Wah)
KMS1034: Human Resource Development (General Group) Sem 2 1617
KMS1034: Human Resource Development (Wan Sofiah) Sem 2 1617This course requires an enrolment key
KMS1034: Human Resource Development (Agatha) Sem 2 1617
KMK2273: Cognition and Learning (Dr Kartini Abd Ghani)This course requires an enrolment key
KMS3044: Work Life Balance (Dayang Kartini)
KMS3044: Work Life Balance (Dr Surena Sabil)